Date: 26-27-28 February 2013

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Background: Soft compressible clay induces large total and differential settlement to the structures built above.  Construction on loose sands and high seismic region may face catastrophic liquefaction. To mitigate those problems and design a safe and economical foundation, a proper understanding of the settlement problem and the liquefaction potential is a pre-requisite, followed by the selection and design of suitable ground improvement method. This short course is designed to introduce and to train civil/structural/geotechnical engineers with the  design, execution and monitoring of suitable ground improvement techniques. Exercise with case histories on real projects shall be given.

Course Contents: Covering theoretical design calculation,execution, monitoring and interpretation. Practice design and data interpretation session shall be given.

  1. PRECOMPRESSION With VERTICAL DRAINS: Basic Principles, Type of Vertical Drains, Application, Design Method and Calculation, Installation, Instrumentation, Monitoring, Interpretation, Asaoka Method, and Case Histories. 
  2. VACUUM PRELOADING: Surcharging vs Vacuum Method; Execution; Monitoring System; Improved Ground; Application Examples and Case Histories (with projects in Indonesia and Vietnam)
  3. Liquefaction potential analysis: What is Liquefaction; Liquefaction Phenomenon; Liquefaction induced Damages; Identifying Liquefaction Potential; Cyclic Stress Ratio – CSR; Assessing Liquefaction through SPT data; Assessing Liquefaction Potential through CPT data; Liquefaction of Deeper Layer; Calculation Examples.
  4. DYNAMIC COMPACTIONEquipment, Mechanism, Execution procedure, Design Guidlines and Case Histories.
  5. VIBROCOMPACTION – VIBROFLOATATION – STONE COLUMNS: Vibro Compaction Mechanism, Dry Process, Wet Process, Vibroflotation, Vibrocat, Stone Columns, Design Guidelines, Case Histories.
  6. JET GROUTING: Various Grouting Techniques, Equipment, Execution, Formation, Cement and Composition, Application of Jet Grouting.

Course fee and Certificates:

  • Course fee is Rp. 3,500,000.-/participant or USD 380.-/participant for overseas participants
  • Inclusive of course materials, lunches and coffee breaks.
  • Refund policy: 40% of course fee + course material
  • Certificate (soft copy) of participation shall be awarded.
  • Participants to bring their own notebook, pen and calculator.

Venue and Time:

  • Venue: GREEN GARDEN I-9/28A (right behind Mac Donald Green Garden) – Daan Mogot – Jakarta Barat – Indonesia.
  • Course starts at 9 AM and finish at 5 PM with lunch and cofee in between.

Instructor: The course shall be given by Ir. GOUW Tjie-Liong M.Eng, ChFC whom has more than 27 years of experiences in the design/consultation, execution and supervision of many geotechnical works in a number of countries.


  • The course is for all civil/structural/geotechnical engineers that works as consultants, contractors, as well as lecturers and civil engineering students.
  • Priority is given to the participants who has registered and has paid the registration fee. First come first serve basis.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE only 24 seats available!