25-26-27 February 2014

Pelatihan Aplikasi Software Geoteknik (PLAXIS dan Geo5)

Garbage in Garbage out… sound very familiar!! But, many still think they can master a geotechnical software by merely reading through the tutorial in the manual. Realized it or not, many tend to bypass the in depth learning on the geotechnical background of the software they used. Many mistakes that can lead to fatal condition have been seen! For examples: Applying at rest earth pressure coefficient (ko condition) for non horizontal ground; Unable to differentiate between gravity loading and ko condition;  Wrong modelling of undrained condition (never heard of Undrained A, B, C); Wrong parameters input; Wrong modelling, etc. The most dangerous is: THEY THINK THEY KNOW but THEY ACTUALLY NOT!!  This short course shall teach the participants how to use Plaxis and Geo5 software in a right manner, it shall discuss the geotechnical background on each of the modelling.

Click here for detail: Pelatihan-Plaxis-Geo5-25-27Feb2014-01