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Jakarta, 1-3 September 2015

Covering theoretical design calculation,execution, monitoring and interpretation. Practice design and data interpretation session shall be given.

  1. PRECOMPRESSION With VERTICAL DRAINS: Basic Principles, Type of Vertical Drains, Application, Design Method and Calculation, Installation, Instrumentation, Monitoring, Interpretation, Asaoka Method, and Case Histories.
  2. VACUUM PRELOADING: Surcharging vs Vacuum Method; Execution; Monitoring System; Improved Ground; Application Examples and Case Histories (with projects in Indonesia and Vietnam)
  3. Liquefaction potential analysis:What is Liquefaction; Liquefaction Phenomenon; Liquefaction induced Damages; Identifying Liquefaction Potential; Cyclic Stress Ratio – CSR; Assessing Liquefaction through SPT data; Assessing Liquefaction Potential through CPT data; Liquefaction of Deeper Layer; Calculation Examples. Analysis of Liquefaction potential by using Novo Liquefaction software shall be given.
  4. DYNAMIC COMPACTION: Equipment, Mechanism, Execution procedure, Design Guidlines and Case Histories.
  5. VIBROCOMPACTION – VIBROFLOATATION – STONE COLUMNS: Vibro Compaction Mechanism, Dry Process, Wet Process, Vibroflotation, Vibrocat, Stone Columns, Design Guidelines, Case Histories.
  6. JET GROUTING: Various Grouting Techniques, Equipment, Execution, Formation, Cementand Composition, Application of Jet Grouting.

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