Matteo Lelli1, Gouw Tjie-Liong2, Riccardo Laneri3, Marco Cerro

Abstract: The use of geosynthetics for the construction of mechanically stabilized earth retaining structures is constantly growing in Indonesia. These structures have shown economic advantages if compared to traditional mass gravity retaining structures. However, the importance of their execution is sometimes underrated. Construction Quality Control and Quality Assurance plans are often meagre and sometimes even missing. Mechanically stabilized earth structures rely on the collaboration between the compacted soil and the geosynthetic reinforcement. If one of these two components is not properly installed or other factors such as drainage system do not comply with the project specifications, unsuitable structure deformations or even failures may occur. This paper aims to share some good construction practices in order to build reinforced earth structures using geosynthetics. Furthermore, the Authors propose some simple but effective testing procedures which can be included in CQC and CQA plans. The scope of this paper is therefore to give guidance to project Owners, Designers and Construction Companies to deliver cost effective, safe and durable geotechnical structures built with geosynthetics.

Full paper download: 171003s-GeonsintetikIndonesia2017